LIME PARK is formed from two separate buildings, with two atriums connecting them. Each wing contains it's own lift and stair core. Single areas ranging from 182.6 m2 to 731 m2 can be leased, all with access from the reception and restaurant lobbies, with lift cores connecting directly to the basement car parking too. Combinations of the leasing areas allow a total of 9800 m2 to be leased by a single user.

LIME PARK has been designed with a super-efficient plan that makes it easy to arrange the office space in dozens of different configurations. The plan is quite narrow, meaning that all work-stations are close to natural light. The main wings of the buildings can easily accommodate open-plan space, closed team-rooms, meeting rooms, cellular offices or a combination of several space types. The plans above show examples of how the spaces could be arranged to suite a modern task-based office or as an open-plan office with a higher-concentration of work-spaces included. What will your dream office look like?